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Best Darn Cookies Ever 

Will Make You and Your Valentine Smile!


Order Early to Make Sure Your Order

Arrives by Valentines Day.


Orders must be received by February 8th,

5 pm MST to guarantee receipt by

Valentines Day.


 Orders will be shipped/delivered for receipt on

February 12, 13 & 14th

Add a note to your Valentine in the

Shipping/Delivery Comment Section 

Our Dozen & 1/2 Dozen cookies are individually wrapped with care and in hand stamped boxes.

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Best Darn Cookies Ever

The beginning of Best Darn Cookies Ever started many years ago. Steve has always had a fondness for ice cream and cookies. His commitment to fitness caused him to consider making his cookies with the best ingredients possible in hopes that it would translate into a better tasting cookie. As he worked to perfect the cookie at high altitude, his family started reinforcing the idea that he had indeed come to “perfect” the chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

At the request of his only daughter, Devon, Steve cooked 950 cookies for her wedding. The response from many of our 340 wedding guests reinforced our own conclusion and resulted in the naming of our venture “Best Darn Cookies Ever!”

“These are so amazing. My mom said they are the best cookies she has ever had!" 
- Sarah R. -

What Makes Our Cookies Great



We believe that the best cookies can only come through the best ingredients. This is why we use organic unbleached flour, organic sugar, organic eggs, and butter from grass-fed cows. Combined with hands worn from seeking perfection, we believe this is what makes our cookies great.

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